Magma Ceramics – AN APOLOGY

THE PRESS would like to point out that a story we printed on Friday July 5 incorrectly stated a verdict in an employment tribunal.

Matthew Smithson-Ellis was in dispute with his former employer Magma Ceramics, of Low Road in Earlsheaton.

Last week Mr Smithson-Ellis lost his case against the firm.

Sadly The Press, based on details supplied by a representative of Mr Smithson-Ellis a day after the hearing, showed poor judgement and erroneously reported last month that Mr Smithson-Ellis had won the case without checking the facts.

This falls far short of our own standards and last Thursday’s verdict was completely opposite to the picture painted by our article on July 5. The Press sincerely apologises to Magma Ceramics for our error, and any damage it may have caused.

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