Madresah students help young children in hospital

Madresah students help young children in hospital

A GROUP of young people from a Batley madresah have been raising funds to buy toys for young patients at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Muslim students at the Madresah Taleemudeen have been collecting money as part of their ‘Kids For Kids’ project.

Zakir Daji, headteacher at the madresah on Henry Street, said: “We feel this act of generosity will help put a smile on the faces of the young innocent children in Dewsbury Hospital and Pinderfields Hospital and offer a glimmer of hope and support during this difficult and daunting time when they are admitted into hospital.

“We also feel it enriches the children who study at madresahs to be able to help support local charities, organisations and institutions which offer a great service to us all.”

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