Local mosques condemn ‘deviant, oppressive and extremist’ ISIS

TERRORISM is forbidden under Islam and perpetrators have violated its core teachings, mosque leaders in Dewsbury have stated this week.

The declaration came after Savile Town runaway Talha Asmal turned suicide bomber in Iraq.

The Dewsbury Imams and Scholars, who represent 18 of the town’s mosques, made a joint statement on Wednesday.

In it they branded the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) a “deviant”, “oppressive” and “extremist” group.

The mosques represented include the Zakaria on Chapel Street, where Asmal was once a worshipper.

Atrocities in Tunisia, Kuwait and France last Friday were also condemned as against the teachings of the Quran.

The statement said: “Terrorism in any form is expressly forbidden in the teachings of Islam. Individuals who commit such heinous crimes against innocent and defenceless men, women and children have acted completely contrary to the core teachings of Islam.

“Islam regards all human life as sacred and inviolable. The Quran makes it clear that protection and preservation of life is paramount.”

On ISIS they said: “ISIS is an oppressive and tyrannical group which is killing innocent civilians, prisoners of war, journalists, and anyone who refuses to endorse their ideology.

“These actions are all opposed to Islamic teachings. ISIS is a deviant, extremist group and it is prohibited according to Islamic scriptures to support them.

“It is in fact an obligation upon all Muslims to actively oppose their poisonous ideology.

“We categorically condemn all actions of violence, violent extremism, killing and destroying buildings and places of worship in any circumstances – be it committed by ISIS or any other such organisation.

“This is against the teachings of Islam, which is a religion of peace, compassion and mercy.

“We call upon all the youth of Dewsbury and beyond to remain steadfast in the face of the empty claims and promises made by ISIS.

“They should live a true and honest Islamic life as shown in the Quran and the sayings of Prophet Mohammed so as not to be duped into confusing falsehood with truth."

The Tunisia gunman was condemned and sorrow expressed for his victims and their families.

There was also an equally strong attack on regimes, such as President Assad in Syria, with a reputation for brutality.

On Assad it said: “Some of the regimes in the Middle East ... do not follow the teachings of Islam.

“This includes President Assad’s tyrannical regime in Syria, which is oppressive, unjust and brutal.

“They have committed heinous crimes and numerous atrocities against its people. We are totally against these regimes who contradict the way of Islam.”

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