Liz cuts her teeth in hairdressing world

OSSETT hairdresser Liz Wroe went to get a tattoo and ended up with her own barber’s shop.
Single mum Liz, 36, who lives in Hanging Heaton, took a spur of the moment decision to gamble on her own salon.
Just three weeks after deciding to strike out after 17 years in the trade, Liz opens Sweeney Todd’s in Dewsbury Road, Ossett, on Monday.
Liz, who has a sevenyearold daughter Lillie, has worked in Batley and Heckmondwike but spent the last 10 years at Mr Gee’s in Ossett.
Liz told how her visit to tattooist John Edgar resulted in a lifechanging career move.
“I went to John for a tattoo and we got talking and he told me he was moving out of the little shop next door.
“I asked him who was taking it and he said: ‘Why don’t you have it?’
“I thought about it and decided it was now or never. Everything just changed with a tattoo.”
Liz said she was confident of success and had no fears despite her whirlwind launch into selfemployment.
“It is a big risk but if you plan and think about it too much there will always be a reason to put it off.
“If I didn’t have a go I would always be thinking ‘what if?’”
Liz would like to thank Ray the shopfitter and Simon the floorer.
Though Sweeney Todd’s is essentially a barber’s, every Thursday is “ladies’ day” by appointment only.
The salon is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9.15am5.30pm and 8am1.30pm on Saturdays.
The salon is closed on Wednesdays but Liz is available for home visits. Gents’ cuts start at just £6.
Sweeney Todd’s is opposite the Hammer & Stithy pub. For details ring Liz on 07762 791298.

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