Lively Lily survives a skewering

Lively Lily survives a skewering

A ‘MIRACLE’ dog was saved by vets... four weeks after swallowing a kebab skewer which speared her kidney.

Yorkshire terrier Lilly was taken to Calder Vets in Savile Town by her owner Norma Mackay after a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea last month.

Shocking x-ray pictures showed how the four-inch wooden skewer had narrowly missed vital organs but pierced the nine-year-old pooch’s kidney, which had to be removed.

Natalie McQuire, lead veterinary surgeon, said: “It was on the ultrasound scan that the stick could be seen passing through her left kidney. We were all stunned; none of us have ever encountered something like this before.

“Lilly underwent surgery to remove the 10 centimetre stick, which was found to have passed all the way through the kidney and was sticking out of either side.

“Unfortunately, due to the skewer’s length and the damage caused it was not possible to save the affected kidney, so that was removed at the same time.”

Dewsbury vets Ben Lord and Mark Harrison carried out the surgery and said Lilly had eaten the stick which then passed through the intestine and across the abdomen to the kidney. But apart from scarring, it didn’t cause any lasting damage.

Natalie added: “Lilly made a fantastic recovery from her surgery. She was kept overnight on intravenous fluids to help support her remaining kidney before being sent home the following day.

“Her owner was as surprised as everyone else at the findings.

“Lilly is not a typical scavenger dog and it had been four weeks since their last barbecue, which is when she must have swallowed the stick.”

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