Livefields dreaming big for the future

Livefields dreaming big for the future

A NEW music festival is rocking into Birstall next month – and organisers eventually want to make it the biggest local gig after Leeds Festival.

Livefields is the brainchild of Dave Scriven and Mick Appleyard – the owners of Cleckheaton’s popular music venue Live Room.

It’s being held at Oakwell Hall in Birstall on Saturday July 13 and costs £20 a ticket. Dave  explained he wanted to put on an affordable festival which is accessible and local too.

He said: “We wanted to bring something more local, because there’s nothing here, and something quite a lot cheaper (than other festivals).

“It’s not dissimilar to what we do at Live Room, just on a much bigger scale.

“And the thing with festivals is people come from all over, we’ve got people coming from Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham, London, Devon.”

Similar to acts that perform at Live Room, the festival will be headlined by tribute bands  including The Clone Roses, The Antarctic Monkeys and Definitely Mightbe to name a few.

And the whole event will be streamed live on Dewsbury-based Smile Radio – an online radio station which dedicates itself to promoting unsigned bands and artists.

Nearly 2,000 tickets have already been sold and Dave, who has run the live music venue on Northgate for three-and-a-half years, is hoping there’ll be over 3,000 people there on the day.

He said: “There was always a plan to do outside events and festivals. It’s taken two years to plan, dealing with the council you’ve got to do a lot of planning and risk assessments.

“It’s part of a five-year plan with the festival. We wanted that field (at Oakwell Hall) because you can get up to 30,000 people in there and that’s where we want to be in five years.

“We’ll double next year then double again and then be up and around where we want to be, and then you can book all sorts of people. 

“As it is, it’s too small for the bigger names but as audiences grow then it will be.

“With festivals you don’t have to do much else, as long as it looks right and sounds right and you’ve got enough beer then you’ll be alright – and we’ve got a lot of beer!”

Richard Harrison, the founder of Smile Radio, said: “The whole premise of our station is to promote unsigned music. We’ve got thousands and thousands of tracks now from all over the world, not just local artists.

“We’re going to be streaming the whole festival live on the radio, and we’ve got a 20-minute slot too.”

The festival is for over-14s and tickets (£20) can be bought from,,, or from behind the bar at Live Room in Cleckheaton.

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