Light sleeper’s 4,500 Diazepams

A MAN from Batley who imported more than 4,500 Diazepam tablets claimed he needed them to sleep.

Usman Ali, 27, of West View, told Kirklees Magistrates’ Court he bought the pills online after experiencing insomnia.

A package from Pakistan containing 4,553 tablets was intercepted by police at Coventry Airport.

He admitted importing a Class C drug with intent to supply, having passed some of the pills on to his family.

Diazepam is only available in the UK on prescription. The accused said he was unaware the drug is otherwise illegal.

Prosecutor James Weeks said the tablets, which cost £250, were found on October 29 last year.

He added: “(Ali) said he was using various drug hormones and since he had been taking these he had problems with sleeping.

“He thought Diazepam or Valium would help him relax and send him to sleep. The defendant said he found an advert on a Facebook page to buy them.”

Magistrates sent the case to Leeds Crown Court, where Ali, who was given bail, is due to be sentenced on Thursday May 22.

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