Lib-Dem pledges to fight the‘elite’

A WOULD-BE councillor claims he will fight the Kirklees ‘elite’ he accuses of sidelining Liversedge and Gomersal.

Lib Dem candidate Richard Farnhill, 37, hopes to win the seat on the authority left vacant by the now retired Tory Margaret Bates.

Businessman Mr Farnhill, of Hunsworth, Cleckheaton, believes a key issue in next month’s by-election is the future of Spenborough Pool.

He accused Kirklees Council of having no plan for replacing the ageing facility, which is beset by structural problems.

Mr Farnhill, a University of Central Lancashire management graduate, believes it is a symptom of how the council treats the area.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding,” he said. “When Kirklees talk about wards, they always go on about town centres.

“But there isn’t a town centre here as such, it’s a collection of small, close-knit communities that have a lot of related interests.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a community campaigner and if elected I wouldn’t be going to Huddersfield to play politics.

“I’d be going there to be a strong voice for residents and tackle issues that are important to people, like bin collections and dog mess.”

He also wants action taken over the derelict former Hillards office building at the junction of Spen Lane and Nibshaw Lane in Gomersal.

Mr Farnhill praised Mrs Bates, but would not be drawn on the Tories choosing the wife of their leader Coun Robert Light as their candidate.

He said: “She has a record as a community campaigner. But how the Tories choose their candidate is a matter for them.”

Mr Farnhill faces an uphill struggle to be elected, having come last of four candidates in last year’s poll with just 155 votes.

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