By the week, by the day, by the hour, the number of voices calling for people around the world to waken to the truth of what is being done to them, is increasing.

The mainstream media is silent on what are essentially war crimes on an unprecedented scale. Why? Because they are complicit in the crimes. Because governments like the UK's are pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into tv and newspaper advertising, promoting their myopic and demonic strategy, while destroying thousands of businesses and millions of lives.

Across Europe and the USA, the deaths of some 25,000 people from the jab – it is NOT a vaccine – have been silently erased from public databanks. The 1,300 who have been killed in the UK are still present on the Yellow Card reporting system. For now.

Ask yourselves some pretty simple questions. If tried and tested drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxochloriquine and Vitamin D have saved most of the seriously ill Covid-19 patients who were treated with them, why have established doctors, academics and scientists been banned, silenced, censored and driven out of their professions for it?

Why are the BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and all of Fleet Street's now-disgraced newspapers refusing to even debate the science? Because there is no debate.

"Conspiracy Theorists" they shout. Well, the problem with that tired and hysterical wail is that when all of the theories are proven true – and they have been, for the past 16 months – then there's no 'conspiracy' left.

Actually, there is. The reason behind the vaccine mania (apart from political leaders across the democratic world all being financially dependent on Big Pharma) is one taboo subject the MSM really won't touch with a barge pole. And it's a 'theory' that should terrify anyone.

People who have informed themselves are aware that all of the jabs – all of them – were rushed to market without proper testing. None have been legally approved for use, only given 'emergency usage' permission. Indeed, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, all have been given immunity from prosecution for the millions of damages they have caused and continued to cause. All those deaths? Tough.

"But the price is worth it" you say. Really? What happened to 'three weeks to flatten the curve', or 'a month to save the NHS'? You're still masked, effectively locked down, after 16 months of failed science, broken promises and bare-faced lies. And yet most of you are content to live like that.

The reason why is clear enough. As Adolf Hitler found out to his delight and the world's cost, when the masses swallow the biggest imaginable lie, they'll keep on swallowing the smaller ones to follow, for fear of revealing themselves as stupid. Played. Manipulated. And that's where we are today.

"But I've had my two jabs and I'm fine ... Boris will let us out on July 19th! He promised!"

You never learn, do you? He probably will – for a few weeks. And come the first sneezes of September and whatever 'lethal' new variant is dreamt up, it will be more of the same, because you love it. And it will be blamed on the unvaccinated ... people will be turned against each other. It will get nasty and it's inevitable. It's already happening.

But here's the problem.

Westminster City Council recently placed a public tender for a company to provide "mass body storage" facilities starting this autumn/winter. Not kidding. With death rates at the lowest since such records started being collected – yes, really – and 2020 placing only 9th in all-cause mortality since 2000, such catastrophic precautions are being taken, and not just in Westminster.

Why? If nearly everyone's had their two jabs? Actually, that's exactly why.

Over more than 20 years of trying and failing to develop a coronavirus vaccine, every company hit the same problem. This hi-tech mRNA injection produced the right spike protein to see off the coronavirus in lab animals. Ferrets actually, because their upper respiratory systems are closest to ours. Who knew? But great news, eh? To a point. Because whatever virus or infection the animals next encountered, the spike protein accelerated it through the body.

You know how a vaccine sits in your shoulder, where it can stimulate your immune system via the nearby lymph glands? Japanese virologists have already reported the new jab crossing the blood/brain barrier. It goes everywhere, hence fertility problems, heart attacks, strokes, blindness and clotting. And they want to give this to children 99.999% of whom don't catch it, don't carry it, don't infect others and certainly don't get hospitalised or die. In God's good name, why? Why?

You see, every animal tested over the past 20 years died. And this time, in 2020, the drug dealers bypassed animal testing. They went straight to humans. Pfizer is listed on the US Food and Drug Administration website as being 'in testing' until January 2023. Again, not kidding.

What? You didn't know that? It wasn't on News at 10, or the front page of The Sunday Times? Maybe not, but thousands of medics, virologists, immunologists, GPs, academics, scientists and various other experts have been shouting it from the rooftops from the start. But they have been banned from Facebook, Youtube, had the MSM door slammed in their faces. That's why you haven't heard their voices.

I hope they and I are grievously mistaken. Never can anyone want to be more wrong, and publicly proven wrong at that. Humiliated even. I'll gladly wear that hairshirt.

A mere 18 months ago I would not have believed the world could be subjected to such a united-front of terror from the people we entrust to care for us. Although having said that a very well-known politician wrote in his national newspaper column as long ago as 2007 that global overpopulation was the real enemy to mankind. I've copied a link to it below, because it's still online. The politician? A bloke called Boris Johnson.

I know, I know, all of that is verging on a conspiracy theory too far. But I'm not willing to bet my life on it. The vast majority of unquestioning people across the western world already have. 

If you want to educate yourself a little more – because Lockwood's clearly as mad as a box of frogs, right? – then click on the link to The Light Newspaper, also below. All of its editions are online and you can read to your heart's content. For now at least. Good luck. And I truly mean that.


https://www.boris-johnson.com/2007/10 (if thelink doesn't work just search 'Boris Johnson global overpopulation 2007')

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