Left to thieves

A DISABLED tenant was left at the mercy of thieves because he had to wait several weeks for council workmen to repair a broken door at his home.
Wheelchairbound Stuart Ramsden, 38, who lives in Ravensthorpe, has multiple sclerosis and had a fall at his council home on July 4.
He was on the floor for 14 hours but managed to call the police and they came to his aid after breaking down the back door.
Glass panels and a chain were broken. Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) eventually replaced the chain and boarded up the door.
But the new glass panels did not arrive and in the meantime Mr Ramsden – a semiprofessional Rugby League player in the 1990s – has twice been burgled.
On each occasion, the thieves stole money and the medication which Mr Ramsden takes to control the anxiety which can aggravate his medical condition.
The first burglary occurred only a day after Mr Ramsden returned home after spending a week in hospital following his fall. KNH had not replaced the chain at that point, so when Mr Ramsden answered a knock at the door he had to unlock it to see who was there.
Two burglars burst in and stole £90 from a jar and Mr Ramsden’s Temazepam tablets.
Soon after, thieves struck again after lifting out the insecure wooden boards on the door.
Friend and neighbour Pauline Holderness, who took up Mr Ramsden’s plight with KNH, said: “KNH said they can’t get the parts for the door and have had to order them specially.
“Why fit a door if it can’t be replaced or repaired?
“I’m disgusted and, frankly, I’m sick of ringing them.”
A spokesman for KNH apologised and said: “Because the door is a new model and the first one of its type to need reglazing, Building Services have had to special order parts from the supplier.
“Building Services have also now ordered additional parts so they have them in stock to avoid a similar situation happening again.”
The repair was due to be completed this week.

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