‘Leave EU and save the NHS’ urges campaigner

‘Leave EU and save the NHS’ urges campaigner

THE NHS can be saved by voting to leave the European Union, a campaigner has claimed.

Aleks Lukic, chairman of UKIP’s Dewsbury, Batley and Spen branch, believes a trade deal leaves health care at risk of privatisation.

He is in the ‘out’ camp pressing for the UK to leave the EU in a referendum vote on Thursday, June 23.

Teacher Mr Lukic fears a deal with the USA called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) puts the NHS in danger.

Under the deal, public services could face competition from private firms across the pond.

He said of a vote to leave: “The NHS will be safe from the TTIP deal being negotiated in secret by the EU and the USA.”

Mr Lukic polled more than 9,000 votes when he stood in Batley and Spen at last May’s general election.

He lost to Labour’s Jo Cox, who is in favour of staying in Europe and was an advisor to Baroness Glenys Kinnock MEP in Brussels.

Mrs Cox’s reasons for staying include jobs, employment rights, investment and national security.

Mr Lukic said: “Workers’ rights are written into our laws, so they continue as normal.

“Our co-operation in international bodies like NATO will continue to ensure our safety and security.

“But we’ll gain full control over immigration. It will then be easier to plan schools, transport and NHS services to meet our needs.”

He added: “Our laws will all be made here by people we elect. And we’ll gain control of other vital issues.

“These include dredging rivers to prevent floods, state aid to protect jobs in struggling industries and exclusive fishing rights in our waters.

“And nobody is seriously proposing that the French would make it harder to sell us their wine or the Germans their cars.”

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