Labour duo meet Health Secretary

BOTH of North Kirklees’ MPs met with the Secretary of State for Health this week to discuss their concerns surrounding Dewsbury Hospital. 

Tracy Brabin and Paula Sherriff attended a meeting with Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday to talk about the planned changes at the hospital.

The Labour MPs covered topics including individual constituents’ cases to the NHS on a national scale.

Issuing a joint response, Ms Brabin and Miss Sherriff said: “The meeting with Jeremy Hunt couldn’t have come at a more pertinent time.

“Our NHS is currently in the midst of a national winter crisis that has been described by the Red Cross as a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

“We know that locally our hospitals are struggling to cope with the added pressures.

“We have both received a high level of complaints from patients and their families who have raised very serious concerns with regard to their treatment at both Dewsbury District Hospital and Pinderfields General Infirmary in recent weeks.

“We were very clear with Jeremy Hunt regarding our concern about the future of our local services as the NHS comes under increasing financial pressure from central government.”

As reported in The Press in previous weeks, Dewsbury Hospital came under intense pressure over the festive period, with some patients reporting waits of up to 19 hours for a bed.

Both Batley MP Ms Brabin and Dewsbury MP Miss Sherriff said that they were disappointed there was no solution suggested.

They said: “Although Mr Hunt appeared to sympathise with our situation it was very clear that the Government are not prepared to offer any immediate solutions to our concerns and that no more money would be made available for our cash starved services.

“Dewsbury District Hospital is due to see further reductions in services over the coming months and our concern remains for the safety of our constituents once these changes have been implemented.”

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