Labour cling to power but lose veteran councillor in shock result

Labour cling to power but lose veteran councillor in shock result
By Tony Earnshaw
Local Democracy Reporter

LABOUR has retained control of Kirklees Council – but with a reduced majority.

It lost three seats in South Kirklees as well as Dewsbury East, the latter going to Dewsbury Borough Independent candidate Aleks Lukic in a shock result that took many by surprise.

But the party gained two seats, taking Colne Valley and Holme Valley South from the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats saw a rise in their popularity, taking two seats and consolidating another.

Labour now hold 36 seats in the 69-seat chamber – down from 38.

The Conservatives, who held 18 seats and were defending six, lost two.

The Liberal Democrats now have 10 seats and the Greens remain static at three. Turnout in Kirklees was 33 per cent.

Speaking after the results Council Leader Shabir Pandor said the election had been “disappointing” for Labour but that local results reflected the national mood around Brexit.

“We have lost four hard-working councillors and my heart goes out to them," he said. “But we have managed to keep control by gaining two seats, so it’s mixed emotions.

“Overall I’m disappointed in losing four seats on the back of something that is happening nationally.”

Among the councillors who lost seats was veteran and former mayor Eric Firth, who was beaten by just 71 votes in Dewsbury East by Dewsbury Borough Independent Aleks Lukic.

Mr Lukic said: “I am delighted that the residents of Dewsbury East have elected me to serve as their independent councillor. On the doorstep people told me they feel ignored and betrayed by the main political parties.

“They wanted to show that they won’t be taken for granted, and they  wanted someone who will speak up for them and demand better for Dewsbury.
“Labour seats in North Kirklees are no longer safe. They will lose more councillors if they continue to focus investment in Huddersfield and ignore local concerns.”

Mr Lukic, who set up an online petition calling for all meat served in the borough’s schools to be stunned before slaughter, is seen as a divisive figure by the Labour group.

Responding to his win Coun Pandor commented: “This council represents all communities and all areas. We work for the greater good of everyone.

“We believe in the politics of cohesion. Everything that Mr Lukic has stood for has divided communities.

“One thing that I will not tolerate is publicly dividing communities for political gain.”

Labour went into the local elections defending nine seats, four of which featured new candidates after a quartet of councillors stood down.

They included former council leader and group leader David Sheard, who quit after 38 years as an elected member for Heckmondwike.

Aafaq Butt was elected there, while Yusra Hussain saw off the challenge of Independent Paul Halloran to hold Batley West for Labour, winning by 640 votes.

Among the six seats being fought by the Tories was Birstall and Birkenshaw, formerly held by ex-group leader Robert Light, which they held onto thanks to new face Charlotte Goodwin.

But veteran Ken Sims lost his Holme Valley South ward after 31 years, with Labour’s Paul Davies triumphing.

Conservative group leader Coun David Hall (Liversedge and Gomersal) said: “It’s a very mixed bag. The big story of the day is that the Labour Party has lost four seats, which is an indication of the way that they have run the borough for the last 10 years.

“I am sorry that we have lost two very hard-working colleagues in Ken Sims and Donna Bellamy and I’m disappointed that we didn’t push Labour into a minority again.

“But I’m sure that Coun Pandor will have a lot to think about before the annual meeting on May 22.

“In particular I hope that Labour will consider a better style of running Kirklees rather than the dictatorial management that we have seen so far.”

The Liberal Democrats held onto Cleckheaton, which was defended by veteran Coun Andrew Pinnock, and gained Almondbury and Golcar from  Labour.

The UK Independence Party, which fielded candidates in eight wards, did not gain any seats.

Results for North Kirklees wards:

Batley East

Habiban Zaman (LAB) 3,183

Keiron Gavaghan (CON) 778

James Hansford (GREEN) 384

Clare Kane (LD) 172

Batley West

Yusra Hussain (LAB) 2,599

Paul Halloran (BBI) 1,959

Paul Young (CON) 588

Martin Pelan (GREEN) 134

Christopher Kane (LD) 97

Birstall and Birkenshaw

Charlotte Goodwin (CON) 2,000

Catherine Pinder (LAB) 847

Christopher Green (GREEN) 510

Louise Walsh (LD) 360


Andrew Pinnock (LD) 2,650

Madeleine Poutney (CON) 618

Linda Simmons (GREEN) 457

Khalid Patel (LAB) 381

Dewsbury East

Aleks Lukic (DBI) 1,766

Eric Firth (LAB) 1,695

Sean Guy (CON) 489

Dennis Hullock (LD) 150

Gideon Richards (GREEN) 141

Dewsbury South

Nosheen Dad (LAB) 2,627

Charlie Reid (CON) 725

Marnie Cope (GREEN) 445

Bernard Disken (LD) 286

Dewsbury West

Darren O'Donovan (LAB) 3,198

Farmida Ishaq (CON) 569

Simon Cope (GREEN) 408

Jon Bloom (LD) 259


Aafaq Butt (LAB) 2,044

Helen Gavaghan (CON) 852

Alan Girvan (IND) 785

Alan Freeman (GREEN) 401

Josie Pugsley (LD) 187

Liversedge and Gomersal

Lisa Holmes (CON) 2,544

Jude McKaig (LAB) 942

Nicholas Whittingham (GREEN) 406

David Snee (LD) 241


Kathleen Taylor (CON) 2,931

Catherine Whittingham (GREEN) 892

Keiron Dunn (LAB) 891

Stephen Bird (LD) 275

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