KNH promises gutter action

KNH promises gutter action

A HOUSING chief has promised urgent action, after hearing that a tenant was living in  fear of her ceiling collapsing.

June Hawcroft lives in a Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing property on Beech Street in Mirfield, which she claims is damp, with most of the outside guttering falling away due to being rotten. 

The 65-year-old has reported it three times to KNH officials, who have twice been out to see the damage – but nothing has been done.

Mrs Hawcroft (pictured) said: “They came out and looked and took photographs, admitted how bad it was and that the whole block needed doing. They admitted that it was dangerous, and then nothing has happened.

“When I’ve rung up about it to chase it up, they said the job’s been closed off. I just don’t know what’s happening, they’re messing me about.

“It’s getting to winter now, if all the snow and the rain gets in it’ll bring the ceiling down. I’m absolutely petrified, it’s making me ill worrying about it.”

Mrs Hawcroft, who suffers with asthma and anxiety and depression, first reported the problem back in May. 

She said the guttering was rotten when she first moved in, but worsened and bits started falling away.

There’s now a gaping hole at the front of the terraced bungalow, and the rest of the properties on the street are also suffering.

When alerted to the problem by The Press, Joanne Bartholomew, interim chief executive officer at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, said: “I am sorry to hear about the issue our tenant is experiencing and acknowledge her concerns about the service we have provided.

“We have visited the property and others in the area on a number of occasions to identify and survey the damage, and a schedule of work was put in place to fix the guttering.

“Unfortunately since those visits it seems that the damage to the property has deteriorated further, which is understandably not acceptable for the tenant. 

“A surveyor has gone out again today (Wednesday) and urgent temporary work will be undertaken to make sure the properties are safe and watertight. Full replacements of the fascias and guttering will then take place as soon as possible.

“Ensuring the homes of our tenants are safe, clean and pleasant to live in is an absolute priority for us and I am pleased urgent work will be undertaken to ensure that we resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

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