Kirklees say Crematorium will open "soon"

Kirklees say Crematorium will open "soon"

DEWSBURY Moor Crematorium will be back in use “soon” – but Kirklees Council still can’t give a precise date when it will reopen.

Grieving families and hard-pressed funeral directors have faced months of disruption and distress as refurbishments at the troubled facility have taken longer than expected.

Work was due to be finished around the end of May, but in June Kirklees announced that problems replacing incinerators meant that it was likely to be “late July” before funerals could be held there again.

However at the start of June the online booking system used by funeral directors showed that it would not be open before the end of August.

A Kirklees spokesman this week said that new equipment needs testing before a specific date can be set for reopening.

He said: “We are creating a first-class facility at Dewsbury Crematorium and whilst the work has progressed slower than we would like, we are happy that when it is complete we will be delivering a service that our residents want. 

“We are close to completion and are now undertaking the final structural works to complete the refurbishment.”

The £3million scheme to refurbish Dewsbury and Huddersfield crematoriums includes replacing outdated equipment and upgrading chapels. It has meant families going as far as Elland,  Leeds and Wakefield.

Judith Brooke, of Dewsbury-based firm George Brooke Ltd, has previously described the delays as “farcical”.

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