Kirklees is praised for child care

SAFEGUARDING and childrencare services in Kirklees have been rated as good in a Government review.
Ofsted found two areas, access to post16 education and training plus equality and diversity, as excellent in an analysis of 30 cases. Seventeen fields were assessed as good and three adequate.
Sharing good practice was an area inspectors felt could be improved. Council staff, healthcare professionals, parents and the children who received services were interviewed for the report in October.
Fostering and adopting came out well, as did the service’s budget, which shows looking after the 600 children in care here well does not come cheap.
The report said: “There has been a high rate of expenditure on children in need, which has helped prevent them entering the system unnecessarily.”
Council leader Mehboob Khan (pictured) said the results justifed the cost. and added: “Safeguarding doesn’t just impact on children in the short term. It is about giving them the best possible start in life. The high standards of work have farreaching benefits for them.
“The Ofsted report is therefore extremely pleasing and confirms our view that Kirklees is very much a leading authority in these crucial areas of work.
“Despite the recession these young people, many of whom had distressing childhoods, will have greater independence and a bright future.”
Paul Johnson, the council’s assistant director for family support and child protection, said it was just the latest in a run of solid Ofsted reports.
“Staff in this area work in uniquely challenging roles,” he said. “So I’m delighted their passion and dedication has been recognised again.
“We believe our services are among the very best in the region, but our commitment to keep improving has never been stronger.”

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