Kirklees comes to the rescue of Mirfield Cricket Club

Kirklees comes to the rescue of Mirfield Cricket Club

MIRFIELD Cricket Club has been handed a lifeline by Kirklees Council after vandals damaged its facilities.

Volunteers were concerned that the club, based in the Memorial Park on Huddersfield Road, would be forced to pay to repair severe damage caused by yobs who removed tiles from the pavilion roof. 

Bad weather last weekend meant water leaked in the club’s changing rooms, making them unfit for use for the next few weeks. 

Almost 200 local people use the facilities and the club is home to an amateur football side who play there on Sundays. 

Kirklees owns the premises and are responsible for any damage to the exterior of the building, while the club are responsible for internal upkeep. 

Club secretary Phil Scouller said: “It’s not a difficult building to access but the issue of the tiles being stolen is a really recent one. They’ve been removed in small, isolated areas (pictured) and logically they’ve not just fallen off – we’ve had numerous reports of local youths on the roof and things have just got worse.” 

And after committee members initially completed a temporary “patch-up”, the council agreed to repair the roof and committed to re-opening discussions over ownership of the building with the club. 

Mr Scouller, of Knowl Road in Mirfield, said: “We want to take a lease on the building but with it being in the state that it is, it would be a huge liability for us. We’ve said to the council if they can make improvements, we’ll take it off their hands for the next 25 years, but until those improvements are made, we can’t do that.” 

Mr Scouller added: “We’ll have to get volunteers down to help with the clean-up and the ceiling will have to be pulled down and replaced at our cost. 

“It’ll put the away changing room out of service for a number of weeks, until it can be made safe.”

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