Killer’s boasts about his years behind bars

Killer’s boasts about his years behind bars

A CONVICTED murderer from Ravensthorpe has boasted of his easy life in prison.

Ricky Oldroyd, 24, took to Facebook to claim he wins hundreds of pounds betting online on football and horse racing.

The career criminal stabbed to death former drug dealer Peter Brocklesby in Cleckheaton in 2011.

Oldroyd, once of Great Pond Street, Ravensthorpe, is housed at Gartree prison in Leicestershire.

He has posted selfies on Facebook, using a phone smuggled into prison, along with details of his online gambling activities.

In one post, he said he won £946 in an accumulator bet on Barcelona, FC Porto and Watford this month.

Oldroyd also wrote life inside is “easy, lol” and in another post said he betted on the Grand National.

Pictures placed online depict Oldroyd showing off watches, one a Rolex, and posing in a dressing gown with his name on it.

Mobile phones are banned from jails but often smuggled in by visitors. What sanction he could face is not known.

But the Ministry of Justice states any prisoners caught using mobiles face disciplinary action.

Oldroyd was given a minimum 20-year sentence in November 2011.

His victim was only just out of prison at the time of his death after a 14-year stretch for running a drugs empire in Ravensthorpe.

He was knifed by Oldroyd and died of his injuries following a row on Brooklyn Road in Cleckheaton.

Leeds Crown Court heard at the time that Oldroyd had 55 previous convictions, many for violence.

Judge Mr Foskett QC said Brocklesby had a far worse record for violence but was entitled not to lose his life unlawfully.

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