Kidnappers evade jail

TWO men escaped jail despite orchestrating the kidnap of a Batley man over a £600 debt.
Lloyd Simpson and Jacob Ross helped snatch victim Robert Lodge from Bridge Street on August 2.
They were among a gang of six who took Mr Lodge to Huddersfield and kept him locked in a cellar overnight.
Simpson, of Huddersfield, and Ross, of Leeds, got 12month prison terms suspended for two years.
They were also ordered at Leeds Crown Court to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work and pay £250 costs.
Simpson and Ross, both 21, were standing trial on false imprisonment charges but changed their pleas as the case began.
The court heard Mr Lodge’s family were bombarded with phone calls demanding they pay the cash he owed.
They arranged to meet Mr Lodge’s sister at a Liversedge fish and chip shop to exchange him for the money.
But police were waiting. Simpson, Ross and four others, three from Huddersfield and one from Bradford, were arrested.
Coaccused Cainan Jerome, Jamie Wadsworth, Elijah Jerome and Ian Morris are to be sentenced later.

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