June's memory changes young lives

June's memory changes young lives

A CHARITY which helps youngsters in North Kirklees has celebrated its fourth birthday.

‘Let June Make a Difference’ was set up by the family of June Dewhirst (pictured) in 2015 to help underprivileged children. 

Mrs Dewhirst died in April the previous year and her husband Graham wanted to honour the work she had done helping kids in all corners of the world.

June, from Upper Hopton, worked at a school for children with special needs and volunteered with children in rural Ecuador.

She also founded the Edward Bear Mother and Toddler Club at Mirfield Salvation Army, which is still going.

From handing out 20 grants in its first year, the charity has recently awarded its 290th gift – to a young girl who has Irlen Syndrome and needs special glasses to be able to see. 

Graham said: “When June died, we’d been married a long time, and I was wondering what to do. I had the idea that maybe we could create a charity which could have June at the centre, so that we could do something for children – and it’s got to be in North Kirklees.

“Armed with that idea I talked to my sons Matthew and Phillip and their wives and we decided we’d start the charity – here we are four years on, having just made our 290th award. It’s amazing really.”

Let June Make a Difference provides grants for children, aged seven to 17, who face a variety of challenges.

Graham added: “I do it because it’s an extension of June. If I had any regrets it’s that I wish I’d had the idea when she was still here. If we can do something positive for a young person, it could last a lifetime.”

The charity welcomes applications on behalf of needy young people. Further details at www.letjunemakeadifference.org.

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