Joyrider ploughs into family’s car after chase

A JOYRIDER crashed a stolen car in Ravensthorpe last Sunday after a police chase through busy streets.

The silver Mercedes C Class shunted into the back of a black Audi A4 driven by a father with his children on board on North Road at around 1.30pm.

It is believed an unmarked police car, guided by the force helicopter, followed the Mercedes from Mirfield.

A driver coming in the opposite direction narrowly avoided being hit but was blocked in by the stricken Mercedes and police vehicles.

The joyrider fled down a ginnel but was caught and arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving.

Passengers in the Audi were treated by paramedics at a nearby property but none were seriously hurt.

The crash near Diamond Wood Community Academy led to a crowd of about 100 people gathering on the street.

North Road has several large speed bumps and “no overtaking” signs due to previous incidents.

The Audi was quickly moved but the road was shut for more than an hour until the Mercedes could be recovered.

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