Jilted hubby used bat on sister-in-law

A UNIVERSITY student has avoided jail after hitting his sister-in-law with a baseball bat. 

Mohammed Usman Khan, 21, became angry after his pregnant wife told him that she wanted to end their relationship.

The criminology undergraduate received a text from his wife Hannah on November 20 last year, Leeds Crown Court was told.

Robert Stevenson, prosecuting, said that Khan had originally replied ‘okay’ to the message.

But when he arrived at his home in Tanhouse Street, Ravensthorpe, he became angry after finding out that she had told his mother and sister that she was leaving him.

The court heard that Khan threatened to smash up the car his mother-in-law and sister-in-law would be arriving in.

Despite her husband locking the door and hiding the keys, his wife managed to make her way outside before Khan came out with the bat and hit her sister on the leg, causing bruising.

Elyas Patel, representing Khan, said that the couple’s daughter had been born earlier this year and due to bail conditions he had not been there for the birth.

He was still hopeful of them getting back together and having a full role in his daughter’s life. Mr Patel said Khan’s wife blamed her pregnancy hormones for a “storm in a teacup.”

Khan, who is about to start his second year at Huddersfield University, admitted assault and possessing an offensive weapon.

He was handed an eight-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months with 20 activity days to include a safer relationship course.

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