Jail for Liversedge woman who hoarded grenades and ammunition

Jail for Liversedge woman who hoarded grenades and ammunition

 A WOMAN who stored ammunition and home-made grenades has been jailed for three years.

Police found 2,000 rounds of ammunition at the home of Heather Exley, 45, on Penn Drive, Liversedge.

Also found was a home-made grenade with 30g of high explosive inside a metal canister.

There were 10 partly-built hand grenades and 10 detonators modified from commercially-bought initiators.

Leeds Crown Court heard there were improvised liquid and high explosives as well.

Officers raided her home on April 14, 2014, after concerns were raised by the Post Office about chemicals shipped in the mail.

Exley was charged and later admitted 13 offences under the Explosives and Firearms Act.

These were 10 charges of having an explosive substance, two of possessing prohibited ammunition and one of possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate.

The court was told terrorism was ruled out as a motive and that Exley soley had an interest as a collector.

Exley was arrested under her former name of John Exley – she had gender realignment surgery in Thailand while on bail.

Robin Frieze, for Exley, said his client began the transition from a man to a woman about six years ago.pistol_clips_-_webbing_-_bedroom

She was trusted on bail to return to the UK and has now undergone most of the surgery.

Following discussions with the Home Office, it is anticipated Exley will serve her jail term in New Hall prison for women at Flockton.

Michael Smith, prosecuting, said Exley had been warned by police as far back as 2012.

Judge James Spencer QC said: “I’ve read the report that this was something of an obsession you had.

“The reason ascribed to it, whether over-compensation for other problems, does not mitigate this.

“It’s the potential for harm caused by the possession of such a quantity of such material.”


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