Islamic scholars brand terror attacks ‘horrific and cowardly’

Islamic scholars brand terror attacks ‘horrific and cowardly’

ISLAMIC scholars in Batley condemned terror attacks which last week brought bloodshed to three continents.

Moulana Hashim Sacha (pictured) and Mufti Mohamed Amin Pandor gave a statement on Tuesday.

They are chairman and general secretary of Rabetah Al Ulama Al Islamiyyah, which also represents mosques in Dewsbury and Huddersfield.

Attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France last Friday were branded “horrific” and “cowardly”.

The atrocities came after Savile Town student Talha Asmal fled the country to become a suicide bomber in Iraq.

Their statement said: “The Islamic Scholars of Rabetah, together with other Imams in Kirklees, totally condemn all attacks on innocent people.

“We are all disgusted and sickened by violence taking place across the globe in the name of our peaceful religion, Islam.

“If the perpetrators think they are advancing the cause of Islam and Muslims, they are severely mistaken and totally misguided.”

It added not only is it having the opposite effect but that terrorism is completely alien to Islam.

There was equally strong condemnation for the timing of atrocities in the holy month of Ramadhan.

It said: “The month of Ramadhan is supposed to be for inner contemplation, reflection, compassion, forgiveness and charity.”

The group, founded in 1979, state they promote peace and understanding of Islam and community cohesion.

Among the mosques they represent are the six linked to the Indian Muslim Welfare Society in Batley.

Their aims include supporting Islam as practiced by Sunni, Hanafi and Deobandi Muslims. They said they are working with young people to explain Islam and prevent “undesirable future occurrences”.

The statement concluded: “Our thoughts, sympathies and prayers are with the victims and their families. We know that the authorities in Tunisia are doing their best to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

“If they escape in this world then Allah will hold them to account in the hereafter.”

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