Inspector 'rats' on takeaway

A TAKEAWAY in Ravensthorpe was closed by a health inspector who found signs of a rat infestation.

Kirklees Council health officer Judith Stones inspected Raja’s Pizza Bar on Huddersfield Road to find droppings near food preparation areas.

Ms Stones told Kirklees magistrates that she looked behind and underneath surfaces in the kitchen and found rat droppings behind a pizza toppings fridge and near to the pizza oven.

She also found more under food preparation tables and under a kebab spit.

Ms Stones then went to the cellar where she saw nothing was in place to stop rats coming in, and that there were smear marks on the skirting boards where the rats’ dirty fur had rubbed against the wall. Some of the droppings were soft, which suggested they were recently deposited, while the inspector found holes around the pipes.

Ms Stones immediately shut the business, which was closed for several days to rectify the problems before reopening.

She said “there was a serious risk to public health”.

Raja’s had to pay £323 in prosecution costs.

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