Independent councillor's plea to tackle voter fraud

Independent councillor's plea to tackle voter fraud

A DEWSBURY Borough Independent councillor is calling for urgent action to be taken against possible electoral fraud.

Coun Aleks Lukic (Dewsbury East – pictured) has written to the new Government asking them to introduce measures to tackle postal vote fraud, voter intimidation and impersonation as soon as possible. His plea comes after a two alleged incidents during last month’s general election.

One voter told Coun Lukic that they witnessed a person ahead of them in the queue at a polling station in Dewsbury town centre give a name and address that wasn’t listed on the electoral register. The polling clerk reportedly suggested an alternative address that was on the register and allowed the person to vote using that entry.

Coun Lukic asked for the incident to be investigated by council officers but says he didn’t receive an update for over two weeks.

He also highlighted the story of Sam Lindley, a Huddersfield student who complained to West Yorkshire Police after she was unable to vote even though she was carrying proof of identity. Her vote had allegedly been stolen by a person who used her name and address earlier in the day.

In a letter to Constitution Minister Chloe Smith, Coun Lukic also discussed concerns about fraudulent postal voting.

He said: “It seems bizarre that there are no restrictions on who can carry completed postal votes or even who can watch a postal vote being filled in.”

He mooted the idea of a voter ID scheme, which has been operating in Northern Ireland for nearly 20 years.

Speaking exclusively to The Press, Coun Lukic said: “Our electoral system as a whole should be made much more robust.

“It is too easy for votes to be stolen just by giving someone else’s details, and the authorities have been too weak against allegations of fraud and intimidation.

“Council officers investigating the incident at Dewsbury Town Hall have now told me that training will be reinforced in future, but I find it worrying that the existing procedures might not have been followed consistently.”

A Kirklees spokesman said they were aware of the alleagations: “One of these allegations is being investigated by police and Kirklees Council is looking into the other thoroughly to establish what happened and if any action needs to be taken.”

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