I’m not a windbag and I can prove it!

MP SIMON REEVELL denied being a windbag after it was claimed he speaks the most in Parliament.

Research showed the Tory backbencher (Con, Dewsbury & Mirfield) used 14,256 words in just 17 House of Commons debates.

He spoke 31 times in those debates, using an average of 460 words, second only to Speaker John Bercow.

Mr Reevell, right, said the figures were misleading because the data counts every interjection as a separate speech.

He said: “You get a lot of MPs who say things like ‘does my honourable friend agree that tomorrow is Thursday?’

“I don’t do that. When I contribute to a debate it’s an actual speech in which I make serious points.

“It’s like batting averages in cricket. The more an MP interjects the more ‘speeches’ they are classed as making, and so their average comes down.

“It’s also why the Speaker supposedly comes out on top. He actually doesn’t make speeches, but he does do a lot of interjecting.”

Under the same formula, Mike Wood (Lab, Batley & Spen) used 4,151 words in 18 contributions to just four debates.

The figures were compiled from Hansard via the They Work For You website, from House of Commons debates since 2010.

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