‘I’d spend £12bn a year foreign aid cash to fight Tory school cuts’

‘I’d spend £12bn a year foreign aid cash to fight Tory school cuts’

INDEPENDENT Brexit candidate Aleks Lukic has vowed to use the £12bn currently spent on foreign aid each year to help fight the Tories’ proposed school cuts, if he is elected as Batley and Spen’s MP next month.

Mr Lukic, a member of the National Union of Teachers, said: “It is nonsense for the Government to spend so much of our money on foreign aid when our schools are desperately short of funds.

“Our money should be going towards our children’s education, not being sent to countries that spend their own money on space programmes, nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers.”

The Heckmondwike Grammar School teacher also highlighted the pressure schools in Kirklees are facing and blamed it on “mass uncontrolled immigration”.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the 27-year-old discovered that 8,253 children in Kirklees primary schools are being taught in classrooms with more than 30 pupils.

He also found that over 600 children were not allocated to their first choice secondary school for the academic year 2017/18.

Mr Lukic said: “The pressure facing schools should come as no surprise. It follows the trend in population growth caused by mass uncontrolled immigration.

“The figures show why it is so important that we take back full control of our borders when we leave the EU.

“We cannot continue with net migration of hundreds of thousands of people every year. All but one of our secondary schools in Batley and Spen are oversubscribed.”

Mr Lukic will also propose to merge remaining foreign aid spending into the defence budget, abolishing the Department for International Development.

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