Hypno sessions at Women's Centre

MORE and more people are turning to complementary therapies in their search for good health, especially where stress and anxiety are concerned.
Many of the people who come for help to local hypnotherapist Jenny Shaw suffer from panic attacks. Others suffer from lack of confidence and nervousness at public speaking.
Her practice is based in Cleckheaton but this week she spoke at the Dewsbury Women’s Health Centre in Wellington Street, where she plans to hold free courses later this year.
Jennifer, who lives in Mirfield, said: “Some years ago I decided I was going to give up smoking and I tried hypnotherapy because nothing else had worked. After just one session I was cured and I never smoked again.”
Jennifer did a postgraduate course in clinical and advanced hypnotherapy, and also trained in other therapies, including Reika and the Emotional Freedom Technique, eventually setting up her own business at the Green Health Shop in Cleckheaton.
Jenny, who had earlier studied psychology and gained an Honours degree in Behavioural Sciences, believes issues from the past, like bullying or childhood poverty, can stop people from feeling good about themselves.
“In life we cannot always control the things that happen to us, but we can choose our reaction to them, and this is where hypnotherapy, relaxation and positive thinking can help,” she said.
Jenny may also hold some free taster sessions at Dewsbury Women’s Health Centre. For more information  please ring 01924 509161 or 488744.

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