HullabaLOO over toilets

MIRFIELD’S public toilets have been closed – because people are misusing them.

The town council says the toilets are in such a terrible state that cleaning staff can’t do their job properly.

Users are said to have been squatting over the toilets and not cleaning up after themselves and obscene and abusive graffiti has been scrawled on the walls.

Coun David Pinder said: “We can’t ask cleaners to do the cleaning when the toilets are in such a state.

“We have put up international signs but they are being ignored.

“The problem with Mirfield is that the library doesn’t have any public toilets and most of the cafes have toilets either upstairs or in the cellar, which aren’t accessible for disabled people.

“We are looking at how we can make sure this misuse stops – maybe asking Kirklees for an education programme.”

Coun Pinder confirmed that hundreds of people responded to a survey the council put out in an attempt to save the toilets and provide the best possible service.

He said: “We have had an extraordinary response. Several hundred people have responded, wanting to have their say.

“Although we have had a good response, it’s almost too good, so we are extending the deadline for the survey.

“If we can at all, we will keep the toilets open.”

One suggestion has been to dedicate a set of toilet keys to the nearby library. In the meantime, the toilets will be open solely for events in the town centre.

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