Help the awesome foursome clean up Ravensthorpe

Help the awesome foursome clean up Ravensthorpe

A SMALL group of Ravensthorpe residents are doing their bit to make the area a nicer place.

Community-minded volunteers Karen Mayfield, Lynn Holland, Stuart Sinclair and Anne Blackburn make up the Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group.

And while they might be small, they’ve done some pretty big things to help clean up the environment.

In 2019 alone they collected 515 bags of rubbish from local grotspots, plus several vans full of fly-tipping.

And they don’t just focus on picking up litter, they’ve planted hundreds of flowers and trees throughout Ravensthorpe – including in St Saviour’s churchyard, Holroyd Park and near Clarkson Street.

The Press met with the group on Wednesday to talk about their most recent project at the ‘Children’s Forest’ area on Park Road, close to Dewsbury Country Park, where they are planting daffodils, clearing rubbish and cutting down overgrown hedges and trees.

Mrs Mayfield, who started the group around 13 years ago, said: “We work at different locations but we try and work where the council workers don’t clear.

“We are concentrating on Park Road because we’re trying to get people to come to Dewsbury Country Park and see what a fantastic asset it is for the area.

“We’ve got lovely green spaces around here and residents don’t seem to know about them, so we’re trying to get people to come out more.”

The group meets every Thursday morning to target different areas of Ravensthorpe, and they are always on the look-out for new members.

Next week they’re meeting at St Saviour’s Church, Huddersfield Road, from 10am (January 30). Everyone is welcome and Mrs Mayfield said: “We enjoy it. It’s very rare we’re not out on a Thursday every week. The weather has to be really bad to stop us!”

The group can also be contacted by searching for Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group on Facebook.

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