Heartless thief who stole kiddies' toys escapes jail

BURGLAR Ronald Lamb escaped jail despite admitting to stealing toys worth £500 from a Dewsbury nursery.
Lamb, 52, of Field Lane, Ravensthorpe, pleaded guilty to committing the theft at the Child’s Play nursery in October.
He broke into the playground on Thornhill Road, Dewsbury, and stole a swing, several push bikes and other toys.
Magistrates handed Lamb a threemonth community order, a sixweek 6am to 6pm curfew and £85 costs.
Deputy nursery manager Amy Jasiewicz said she was disappointed by the sentence and added: “The curfew won’t make any difference.
“He committed the burglary at about 6.30pm, so it won’t stop him doing it again. We were surprised he wasn’t jailed.”
Meanwhile, youngsters at the nursery will be putting on a Christmas play, with proceeds going towards replacing the toys Lamb stole.
They are to star in “Ralf the Reindeer”, next Thursday (3.30pm). Tickets are £1.

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