Heart patient pays tribute to cardiac team in Dewsbury

Heart patient pays tribute to cardiac team in Dewsbury

AN EARLSHEATON man who underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery has paid tribute to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at Dewsbury and District Hospital for turning his life around.

Andrew Windle, 45, thought he was just struggling to shake off a cold – but when his chest pains wouldn’t go away he went to the A&E department at Dewsbury and a blood test showed he’d had a heart attack.

Andrew was then transferred to the cardiology ward at Pinderfields Hospital where an angiogram revealed he had three blockages and required bypass surgery, during which doctors discovered he had a fourth blockage.

“Everything happened so quickly,” Andrew said. “I don’t really think it sunk in at first. By the time I was discharged from the hospital and into the care of the rehabilitation team I was a bit of a mess. 

“I’d had a massive health scare and major surgery which resulted in me having so much different medication to take and I also needed to learn to live with my condition.

“The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team (based at Dewsbury Hospital) have been amazing. As well as advice about exercising and general heart health they have also helped me come to terms with the mental and emotional side of things. They have truly kept me going and I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Andrew has had to make some changes to his diet and lifestyle in a bid to preserve his health.

He said: “I’ve joined a gym, I cycle to work and I’ve cut out all processed foods – we buy fresh and cook from scratch.

“If I knew that a heart attack was around the corner for me I would have made these changes so much sooner. You only get one heart and you need to look after it.”

Andrew’s heartfelt tribute came as the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust – which runs Dewsbury Hospital – celebrated World Heart Day. 

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