Head stamping attack after request for a cigarette

Head stamping attack after request for a cigarette

A DEWSBURY man who stamped on another man’s head repeatedly during an unprovoked attack has been jailed. 

William Beckett, 31, violently assaulted two men at Dewsbury Railway Station after they had approached him asking for a cigarette.

He was jailed on Monday for six years and eight months at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty to assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

In the early hours of Saturday July 2, two men were in the waiting area at Dewsbury Station when Beckett, of Springfield Terrace, entered with a friend.

When one of the men asked Beckett if he could borrow a cigarette, he responded aggressively, leading the eventual victim to walk away from the conversation.

Beckett began to walk off over the station bridge with his friend but then turned back, walked into the waiting area and punched one of the men, who was 62-years-old, to the ground, kicking him and stamping on his head.

When his friend attempted to stop the attack he too was punched to the ground but managed to get to his feet and run off to raise the alarm.

Beckett continued his frenzied attack until his friend intervened, dragging him off the victim and marching him up the steps, back over the bridge and out of the station.

However a few minutes later he returned and violently assaulted the victim again, pushing him to the floor and stamping on his head nine times.

The assault only stopped when he was pulled away by his friend for a second time. Police attended and Beckett was arrested at the scene.

Detective Constable David Bentley, from the British Transport Police, said: “This was a completely unprovoked, violent and sustained attack which Beckett could offer no explanation for, other than the fact he had been drinking throughout the day.

“The victim suffered cuts to his face and head, a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.

“He had to have an operation and months later was still taking painkillers and had some movement problems with his shoulder,” said DC Bentley.

“He was extremely lucky that despite the level of violence used against him he didn’t receive any brain damage or life-changing physical injuries.”

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