Hanging Heaton residents voted in the wrong ward for years

Hanging Heaton residents voted in the wrong ward for years

MORE THAN 20 people may have been registered to vote in the wrong ward for the last 15 years, it was admitted this week.

Aleks Lukic, an independent candidate for Dewsbury East, found a discrepancy when looking at the electoral register and boundary maps for Hanging Heaton.

Officials have now conceded that 21 people living on High Street, Hanging Heaton, should actually be voting for Batley East candidates rather than Dewsbury East.

The error, which affects 12 properties, also means the 21 electors will now vote in a different parliamentary seat, moving from Dewsbury & Mirfield to Batley & Spen. 

Mr Lukic said: “They might have been voting in the wrong ward ever since the boundaries were re-drawn 15 years ago. Jonathan Scott (a former Dewsbury South Conservative councillor) says he reported this discrepancy at the 2010 General Election but no action was taken. I am anticipating a potentially close result in Dewsbury East, so it is vital that the election is run on accurate registers.”

Martin Haigh, assistant electoral services manager, said: “We are writing to the affected electors to inform them of the change in voting arrangements, both in terms of their new polling station and the ward in which they will be voting in for all future elections.

“An amended poll card letter, which will include new elector number details and a further reminder about their new polling station details will also be sent around April 19.

“All candidates in the Batley East and Dewsbury East wards will be contacted and will be offered the option of a revised register which reflects the amendments to both wards.”

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