Hair salon customers take shortcut to a good book

Hair salon customers take shortcut to a good book

HAIRDRESSERS may once have been famous for asking customers if they wanted something for the weekend.

But in Heckmondwike, the phrase has new meaning thanks to a book-drop by library enthusiasts.

John Kaye, (pictured) of Salon 29 on Westgate, has teamed up with the Friends of Heckmondwike Library for a giveaway.

People can take and read a book from the salon, then return it or pass it on to someone else or a charity shop.

Each one comes with a bookmark featuring library opening times, services provided and events, clubs and classes available.

The aim is to spread the joy of reading while also raising the profile of the library.

Sonja Martin, of the friends group, said some people do not know there is a library, which is on Walkley Lane. She said: “It’s amazing how many people don’t know there’s a library in Heckmondwike, perhaps because it’s not in the centre of town.

“We talked to someone recently who’s just moved to the area and wanted to visit the library.

“He asked around but couldn’t get an answer and so he resorted to Googling it.”

John got involved having attended a book day event last month. The friends group are planning more book-drops at locations across town.

New volunteers are welcome at the friends group. Their next meeting is at the library on Tuesday, October 27 (7pm).

Follow them on Twitter @heckylibrary or see the Friends of Heckmondwike Library Facebook page.

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