Greenway warning after girl is injured

Greenway warning after girl is injured

A LIVERSEDGE parent has called for cyclists to be more careful when they use Spen Valley Greenway after his eight-year-old daughter was knocked off her bike.

And Chris Chatwin was even more annoyed when the male rider responsible didn’t stop to check if Hollie – pictured – was okay, instead he just sped off.

The pair were cycling back from Oakenshaw’s Victoria Park last Friday afternoon with Chris’s partner and other daughter when the bike came “absolutely flying” into Hollie on a bend of the greenway near to Cleckheaton Golf Club.

She suffered cuts to her knees and arm, and Chris said: “She’s lucky she didn’t break a bone.”

Now Chris wants adult cyclists to be more considerate when riding on a route frequented by families and children.

He said: “I don’t feel safe taking my kids on there again. This is actually the second time this has happened to Hollie in a year.

“You can’t really take them on the road because they’re not safe for kids and you think you’re safe on the greenway.

“I couldn’t believe his attitude, it was almost as if we were holding him up.”

When asked what can be done to make the greenway safer, Chris said: “You couldn’t really impose a speed limit, it’s down to common sense and people being more considerate. 

“Especially around kids, my daughter did absolutely nothing wrong – it was just down to the sheer speed and the place he overtook. If he’d just slowed down, waited a few seconds and overtaken us when it was straight and clear then he could see what was happening properly.”

Chris says Hollie, who is a keen cyclist, is still “shaken up” but recovering at home, and is hoping she’ll be back on her bike soon. Kirklees Council was approached for a comment.

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