Green pair’s pledge on spending

Green pair’s pledge on spending

GREEN candidates standing for election in the local constituencies have welcomed their party’s education policy launch.

Simon Cope, who is standing in Dewsbury and Mirfield and is a former parent-governor, said: “Under the Tories, our local schools have seen a real cut in spending per pupil.

“Across Dewsbury, that amounts to £10m a year, or as many as 250 teachers, and the Tories may well plan to cut even deeper in the years ahead if they get the chance.

“This is a shocking situation for one of the richest countries in the world at a time when our economy is expanding. Greens would protect funding so that there is an increase.”

Mr Cope claimed that the Greens’ costed plans would increase funding to schools nationwide by £7bn a year.

He added: “A lot of money has been wasted by the Govern-ment on free schools and academies, with no evidence that they work.”

Batley and Spen candidate Alan Freeman, said: “We support properly-funded schools under a Local Education Authority where teachers and parents are properly empowered to educate children free of a narrow national curriculum with the heavy hand of Ofsted.

“We would fund a big increase in early years provision, overturning the current path using the National Funding Formula, whereby schools will have their funding cut by between eight and 20 per cent in Batley and Spen by the year 2020.

“We want real and effective education for our children, not just lists of tick boxes.”

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