Green bin ‘police’ hit streets

KIRKLEES is introducing ‘waste advisers’ to check whether residents are putting the right waste in green bins – and your councillors could be having a look too.

The council’s new campaign is being launched to tackle the district’s low recycling rate which at 27 per cent falls well below the national average of 45 per cent.

Recycling and waste advisers will be physically checking every green bin in Kirklees to help residents understand what should be put in them.

A yellow sticker will be placed on each recycling bin which contains incorrect waste – including soiled nappies, food waste, glass and black bin liners. Advisors will then contact residents to explain why the sticker was given and what needs to happen to address this. 

Advisers, along with ward councillors, will be checking bins and talking to residents in North Kirklees from May 27 to July 26.

Coun Naheed Mather, cabinet member for communities and environment, said: “We have got to create change to impact our recycling rates and we must take action now.

“Kirklees Council is committed to providing a clean, green, sustainable environment for our community but we can’t do it alone – to make a difference we need our residents’ help.

“Over the next four months we will be out and about talking to households and providing help and advice. I am very hopeful that our new approach to recycling will be met with positivity – especially because our communities are very conscious about the irreversible effects of our carbon footprint.

“So I am asking every household to stop and check before putting anything in a green bin that they are not sure can go in it.”

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