‘Great chance to start again’ say development protestors

A RE-THINK of the LDF is a chance to look again at using more brownfield sites, a campaigner said this week.

Robert Bamforth, of the Kirklees Community Action Network (KCAN), wants old buildings and derelict industrial land used first.

He said: “It’s time to take a more fundamental look at this and switch to a more proactive policy of urban regeneration.

“And by that I mean bringing old buildings into use, which would mean we wouldn’t have to allocate so much green space.”

KCAN is an umbrella organisation representing dozens of anti-LDF groups across Kirklees, including those in Chidswell and Thornhill Lees.

Mr Bamforth added that a housing issue which could see Kirklees Council having to build thousands more new homes is complex.

He claimed the Government applied the same housing target to northern England as in the south east, even though the shortage is less acute here.

Mr Bamforth said: “Planning Minister Nick Boles accepted the requirements in the north were different to those in the south east.

“So why is the planning inspectorate being allowed to ignore that principle when the housing shortage is less marked?”

A Government spokesman said: “We have given councils more powers to shape where development should and shouldn’t go.

“But councils should have a proper evidence base to protect the environment and meet the demand for housing in the years ahead.”

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