Generous donations foot village’s bill for life-saving defibrillators

Generous donations foot village’s bill for life-saving defibrillators

COMMUNITY-SPIRITED folk in Birstall have raised enough money for two more defibrillators in the village – with the help of a generous £1,000 donation from one resident.

Last summer, customers at The Scotland pub on Bradford Road raised funds to have a defibrillator fitted outside the premises in memory of one of their fellow regulars, Paul Brook.

Now more residents have come forward to put money in the pot for another two – one to be fitted at Birstall Library and the other at Birstall Cricket Club in Howden Clough.

A donation of £600 from the Birstall Central Tenants’ and Residents’ Association was added to further fundraising efforts by customers and staff at The Scotland for the second defibrillator.

Then came a donation from local businessman Peter Kirby, who had seen the pub’s efforts on social media.

He got in touch with pub landlady Collette Hemingway to ask how much was needed for a third defibrillator – and he handed over the remaining £1,000.

Peter, who lives in Birstall and had a heart attack a few years ago, wanted to get one of the life-saving machines installed in Howden Clough, where he grew up. He said: “It’s a big area of elderly people. I just thought, if we get one up there it’ll be bound to save someone’s life at some point. It’s for a great cause.

“I heard The Scotland were going for a third defibrillator, and I thought ‘let’s make it happen’. So I got in touch with Collette and gave her the rest of the money.”

Birstall Chamber of Trade vice chairman David Exley says his group are putting cash towards the running costs of the defibrillators and he is fitting them free of charge in the next few weeks.

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