Gender pay gap explained

LOCALA has been shown to pay its female staff less than men – but says it’s because they have more women working for them.

The company’s 2018 gender pay gap report shows that on average men are earning more than women.

Figures reveal a female member of staff’s average hourly pay is 14 per cent less than men’s, while bonus pay is 79 per cent lower.

But a spokesman for Locala said the company uses the NHS pay scale and pays the same salary to both men and women – but because more than 90 per cent of staff are female, it makes the figures uneven.

Dianne Frost, director of organisational development and people, said: “Like a number of health organisations, Locala does employ a significantly higher proportion of females.

“However, because many of our male colleagues are employed in the higher-paid clinical roles and not in the lower-paid entry roles, this contributes to the gender pay gap.

“We are committed to improving the gender pay gap.

“We are starting to see changes and we have made improvements to our recruitment policy and processes.”

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