Fraud pair sold counterfeit kit

THE FORMER owners of a Dewsbury designer clothes shop have been convicted of selling fake goods and mortgage fraud.
Husband and wife Mohammed Sarwar and Jumanah Nadeem, who ran Miss Chief in Foundry Street, netted £150,000 with a mortgage scam. They also cost clothing manufacturers £84,000 by selling counterfeit versions of Adidas, Henley and Bench designer goods among others.
Nadeem denied mortgage fraud at a Leeds Crown Court hearing but was convicted. Sarwar admitted both. He was given a 51week jail sentence suspended for two years plus 200 hours community service.
Nadeem got 60 hours community service.
They faced 10 counts of possessing and selling fake designer clothes and three of obtaining money by deception by falsely representing their income.
It followed a joint investigation by West Yorkshire Trading Standards officers and Kirklees Council financial investigators.
Trading standards officers found 500 fake items bearing trademarks including UGG, Adidas, Henley, Bench and GStar in a December 2009 raid.
They were found in an upstairs area trading as ‘Labels for Less’. Officers went back two months later and found another 200 products in the same area.
Kirklees Council, meanwhile, found Sarwar and Nadeem had inflated their incomes on two mortgage applications.
They were charged for that under the 1968 Theft Act and they could lose any money they made under a proceeds of crime investigation.
Trading Standards chief officer Graham Hebblethwaite said: “This couple were persistent offenders who ignored previous warnings.
“Let this be a warning to others involved in counterfeiting: the service will hit these offenders where it hurts – in the pocket.”
Jane Brady, assistant director for Kirklees Counci’s customer and exchequer service, said: “Shoppers deserve to know what they’re buying.
“And honest traders should be able to make a living without the pressure of unscrupulous traders trying to undercut them by selling fake goods.”

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