Four hotels failed police child checks

Four hotels failed police child checks

DETECTIVES have issued a warning after staff at four hotels in North Kirklees failed to spot signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE).

West Yorkshire Police’s integrated offender management and safeguarding teams carried out an operation in Dewsbury and surrounding areas to raise awareness of CSE-related activity taking place in hotels.

Officers and young police cadets posed as customers seeking to book a room, with each hotel experiencing identical situations.

Their aim was to see if staff were able to spot the signs of CSE and if they took appropriate action.

Four out of nine hotels did not.

All hotels were visited following the operation with advice and support offered so that staff understood how to act in future.

Det Sgt Chris Piggin who led the operation said: “This operation is just one number of things our safeguarding teams are doing to protect young people across Kirklees district.

“It is our intention to disrupt any CSE perpetrator attempting to use hotels in Kirklees to carry out their activity and we will use any means necessary to protect the young and vulnerable in our district.

“We need the support from the local community and businesses to be vigilant and to understand the signs of CSE and what they can do to help protect children.”

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