Former pupil is school’s new head

Former pupil is school’s new head

WHEN Roxanne Taylor left St Paulinus Catholic Primary School aged 11 in 1995, she never imagined that one day she would become headteacher there. 

But now she has taken over from Roxanna Drake, who retired in the summer after 20 years as head at the Dewsbury school.

Miss Taylor, who comes from Thornhill, returned to St Paulinus as deputy head in 2013. She described her first day in the role as “a surreal experience”.

“I walked around the classrooms remembering that they were my old classrooms. It was like going back in time. Some of the staff from my time as a pupil were still here too.”

Miss Taylor also attended St John Fisher Catholic High School in Dewsbury before obtaining her teaching degree at Trinity and All Saints University in Leeds.

She said that being appointed head of her old school was like a dream come true.

“I feel such loyalty towards St Paulinus and great pride in the school too,” she said.

“In Mrs Drake I had a wonderful role model and now I’m excited to be taking the school forward with our great team of staff.”

Miss Taylor’s former teachers spotted her potential for school management when they made her a prefect, aged 10, charged with keeping order on the school buses.

“Some of the incentives I used then to encourage good behaviour I still use today!” she said.

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