Former BNP member to contest by-election

A FORMER member of the BNP is to contest the Batley and Spen by-election in the wake of the killing of Jo Cox.

All major political parties said they do not intend to field a candidate to find her successor.

But Jack Buckby has announced he will be contesting the seat for far-right political group Liberty GB.

It states its aims as “halting the Islamisation of Britain” and “promoting British values and assimiliation rather than multiculturalism”.

Mr Buckby was a member of Crusaders, the youth wing of the BNP, and was tipped as an “heir apparent to Nick Griffin”.

But he left the BNP in 2013 after claiming the party’s views turned to “open race hatred”.

The following year, Mr Buckby, 23, stood in the European elections for Liberty GB.

Within hours of Mrs Cox’s death last Thursday, Mr Buckby posted on Twitter: “Media and left will milk this for all it’s worth.”

In a statement on Liberty GB’s website he wrote of his candidacy: “While the murder of Jo Cox is tragic, we must not let this tragedy blur the fact that the Labour Party is responsible for the demographic and cultural assault on Britain which has already done great damage in areas of Yorkshire.

“Too much is at stake to allow Labour to retake Batley and Spen unchallenged.

“The constituency is part of a region that has been turned upside down by mass immigration, with mosques sprouting like triffids, Islamic extremism proliferating, child-rape gangs still on the loose, and long-standing English communities under threat of demographic eradication.

“The Labour Party has blood on its hands. And by shutting down debate and labelling working class people concerned about their communities as racists, they risk driving desperate, disenfranchised people to further horrendous acts like this.”

Mr Buckby also criticised donations made to Hope Not Hate since Mrs Cox was killed and mentioned his support for capital punishment.

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