Food Bank appeals for donations

Food Bank appeals for donations

VOLUNTEERS at Batley Food Bank are appealing for donations after increased summer demand left them short of supplies. 

The food bank, on Brunswick Street in the town centre, collects and distributes food and toiletries to those who can’t afford to support themselves all year round. 

Volunteers at the bank rely solely on public donations, which are then sorted into food parcels and given out weekly to those in need.

Treasurer Arif Ahmad says the summer months provide a tougher challenge for everyone involved in the project. 

“When children are at school at least they are getting one good meal a day and a lot of schools have breakfast clubs as well,” he said. 

“Obviously in the school holiday there isn’t that support and we have to make sure that those children are getting proper nourishment, the only real fallback is food banks like us. 

“Throughout the summer months we do have a lot of extra demand.” 

To maximise donations, the registered charity holds regular events at locations across North Kirklees. 

This weekend volunteers will be at Asda in Dewsbury, and Arif is appealing for anyone who can help to come and show support.

He said: “People can help in whatever way they can, come down and give a few pence, come down and buy a can of food, you can even bring food from home, Asda don’t insist that you buy the food from them. 

“We help people throughout North Kirklees and anybody could be in their position, whatever people can do to help is much appreciated.”

On top of recent difficulties the food bank is facing, Arif also feels that Brexit could have a negative effect on donations received and increase the number of people who need their help. 

“It’s not going to be anything positive, it’s only going to increase demand if we have a no deal Brexit,” he said. 

“We have to prepare for that, we have to build up our reserves and make sure people are prepared.”

If you would like to donate food, or volunteer some of your time, visit for more information. 

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