Flashy proceeds of crime

A £60,000 NISSAN GTR sports car seized from drug dealers was due to put on show by police in Ossett today (Friday).
The car, to be displayed in the town centre, was one of ten luxury vehicles confiscated by police investigating drug dealing around Ossett and Wakefield.
Officers searched 30 properties during the twoday Operation Grassland and found five cannabis farms worth about £700,000 combined.
Eight people were arrested on suspicion of cannabis production and money laundering.
One other was arrested for alleged theft. All are now out on bail.
One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “We’re a closeknit neighbourhood.
“It was a shock to find out drugs being grown in our street.”
The Nissan GTR will be on show in Ossett from 9am to 2pm today and then moves to Wakefield tomorrow as a warning to criminals.
Police use the Proceeds of Crime Act to seize cars, cash, homes and other illgotten gains and use the capital to award grants to community groups.
More than £5 million in cash and £8.6 million in assets was confiscated from criminals in West Yorkshire over the last financial year alone.
Any highprofile items, such as fast cars, are put on display as part of the police’s ‘Why Should They?’ campaign to deter other criminals.
Supt Tyron Joyce, of Wakefield police, said the seizures made during Operation Grassland were as a result of tipoffs from the public. 
He said: “We hope the action taken this week will demonstrate yet again to residents that they do not have to tolerate criminal behaviour in their area.
“We urge members of the public to contact us with their suspicions.
“Every call matters to us and all information we receive is followed up.”
Anyone with information about drug dealing or other possible offences can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or visit thewww.whyshouldthey. com.

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