Firm ‘sorry’ for holiday deaths

Firm ‘sorry’ for holiday deaths

THE boss of Thomas Cook apologised nine years after the deaths of two children in Corfu.

Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel, of Horbury, were killed by fumes from a faulty boiler while on holiday at the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel.

The travel firm faced criticism from all sides for its continued silence after an inquest last week ruled that the children died unlawfully.

Amid threats of a customer boycott chief executive Peter Frankhauser made an apology through business bible the Financial Times.

He said: “I’m deeply sorry about the deaths of these two children. As a father I really can only express my deepest sorrow.”

Mr Frankhauser admitted relations with the family could have been handled better over the last nine years.

He added he would say sorry directly to them after yet more blunders since the inquest, and a meeting between the firm and the family took place yesterday (Thurs).

A letter of apology from Mr Frankhauser made its way to the media first, which the family branded “disgraceful”.

And it emerged Thomas Cook was paid £3m compensation by the hotel chain responsible.

Half of the money went to its insurers for underwriting legal fees, while the other £1.5m was given to Unicef.

That caused another row with the family, who said they were not consulted about the donation.

They support a different children’s charity, which relatives and friends have been raising money for in Bobby and Christi’s memory.

Mr Frankhauser said: “We have to fix it, we have to come out this time ... leave it to me, I am committed to fix it.”

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