BBEC is aiming to build on good work

A SCHOOL in Batley is back on form only weeks after being branded ‘inadequate’, a new report shows.

The Press was given pre-publication details of a follow-up inspection at Batley Business and Enterprise College (BBEC).

In January, the Blenheim Drive secondary was given the lowest rating by Ofsted.

Headteacher Samantha Vickers, new in the job just prior to the visit, insisted the school had already moved on.

And a monitoring report compiled after inspectors returned last month is due to back that up.

It is expected to say inadequate teaching has been eradicated while staff now have a “non-negotiable” set of standards to adhere to.

A draft report said Miss Vickers has a clear understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

She has “put in place plans to address the areas for improvement” and senior staff are “all taking appropriate steps to improve the quality of provision”.

A new timetable brought in from January is said to have helped improve learning.

Ofsted saw data showing performance in English and maths, weaknesses in the earlier visit, are getting better.

The report added: “All leaders are ambitious for the development of the college and are clear about their responsibilities.”

Out-of-school provision and the role governors are playing in raising standards also earned praise.

Miss Vickers said: “This feedback clearly indicates the positive steps taken to improve standards in the school.”

She vowed more is to come and added: “We want to show BBEC is an exciting learning community which offers young men a superb education.”


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